Epic Design Fails

You don’t have to have a design degree or be a descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci to understand that some products, advertisements, or structures are so horribly messed up, their plans should not have been approved to begin with. Despite that, some projects are completed even though they make zero sense, and all we can do is shake our heads in disbelief.

This the latest in our series of hilarious design fails (you can find more here, here and here), we here just can’t get enough of these cringeworthy attempts to create something that functions at even the most basic of levels.

While some of them may be unintentional and perhaps a little unfortunate, most are so ridiculously crappy that you just know that someone is gonna get fired pretty soon. Scroll down below to check out the list, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

#1 Not A Good Carpet Choice For Stairs If You Ask Me

#2 Hospital I’m At Is Putting Cookies On The Patient Trays For Halloween. I Don’t Think They Thought This Through

#3 My Niece Got A Candle Making Kit. Here Is Her First “Candle”

#4 Just Why…

#5 My Local Airport Added A New Display To Mimic The Inside Of A Plane. They Chose An Underwater Scene As The Background. How Reassuring…

#6 This Microwave Looks Like It’s Demanding A Sacrifice

#7 These Restoom Tiles

#8 Ad

#9 Why? Just Why?

#10 This Terribly Worded Sign I Saw Today. Sorry, I’ll Pick Up My Dog’s Poop… Wouldn’t Want To Ruin Your Child Eating Experience.

#11 If You’re Cold, They’re Cold Too. Bring Them Inside And Warm Them Up

#12 Beautiful Dress

#13 One. Single. Blind.

#14 Certified Child Abuser

#15 This Survey Is Giving Me Mixed Signals

#16 Let’s Cut A Huge Hole In The Bread Before We Give It To The Poor, That’ll Show People That We Care

#17 Well, Now That The Floors Are Clean…

#18 I’ve Never Met Lauren But I Already Know I Don’t Like Her

#19 New Statue At A Catholic School

#20 Holiday Party’s Chocolate Fountain Didn’t Work Out Great



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