4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

Yard sales are one of the most famous ways to sell your old stuff, but it is one of the most excruciating parts of selling anything. Nowadays, several online platforms have made it super easy for you to sell old stuff and make a quick buck.

There are a few methods that I’ve tried personally and would like to share with you all so that you can get rid of your clutter in a really beneficial way. I’ve been selling old stuff online for one year, and all I need was a reliable internet connection to actually keep a check on customers. I’ve been using Mediacom internet service as it is one of the most reliable and high-speed internets. I’d like to discuss some of the ways to earn quick money by just selling your old stuff.

Use Social Media:

4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

Are you new to these selling websites and don’t like to negotiate with strangers? You don’t need to worry about that as social media has got you covered. This would be the most effective way to sell your old items. Just post a picture of your stuff online on social platforms with a clear description of item and price. Your pictures might attract your friends and acquaintances to actually buy those items from you. It would save you from the hassle of negotiating with strangers and to go and deliver the products.


4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

One just can’t resist from discussing eBay when it comes to selling any stuff online. We all know that it’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to sell your stuff. The good thing about eBay for sellers is its really easy process: create an account, list your items, Upload a clear picture, and you’re good to go.

But it’s the preferred platform if you’re selling high-end products and products of high-involvement because of its huge customer market. eBay charges around $.30 as listing fee and it would also charge 10% of the sale price on an item.


4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

Another option to consider, if you’re planning on bargaining any stuff that might be of use to someone else or just simply selling your old stuff, then there’s Craigslist for you. It provides a free platform for people to sell their stuff. All you need to do to get most out of it is: post a clear picture of your item, it’s preferred to set a deadline so that potential buyers would opt to negotiate early, be genuine about a product you intend to sell, lot your items together to get rid of them quickly.


4 Ways You Can Make Money Online By Selling Old Stuff

It is not only a giant when it comes to buying anything. Amazon also provides with opportunities to sell anything. Have you ever heard of Amazon’s fulfillment program? What it does is that it gives sellers a chance to put their used items right next to new versions of the same products. If buyers are interested in saving a few dollars then they would definitely opt for your used stuff.

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