A question I hear on a regular basis is: “what are the best investing books for beginners?” I’m always encouraged when I hear the question as it shows that the people asking want to learn how to invest and grow their wealth.
Investing in the real estate can be difficult and finding the right book to start with can be difficult. Those that I’d consider the top investing books are the ones that break down difficult concepts in ways that beginner investors can understand. Having an investing book that is enjoyable to read isn’t too bad either.

1. Real Estate Investment: Learn About The Passive Income That Everyone Is Talking About by Avi Meir Zaslavsky

– Is it possible to increase my capital by investing in real estate in my spare time?
– Is it possible to get rich without a sizable initial investment or an unexpected inheritance?
Many find these questions difficult to answer; some will reach a depressing verdict: categorically, no. However, Avi Meir Zaslavsky, the author of the book “REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: LEARN ABOUT THE PASSIVE INCOME THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT” as always, has a dissenting opinion.
On his example, he will talk about how he managed to earn several fortunes investing in real estate with virtually no startup capital. The author will prove to you that anyone who is ready to sacrifice enough of his or her time can reach the same heights as he and become, if not a billionaire, a very well-off person. The most important thing is to identify goals and avoid rash decisions precisely – that is how one is guaranteed success in the real estate business.
Philanthropist and digital entrepreneur who has been investing in real estate all over the world for many years, Avi Meir Zaslavsky has long earned a reputation as an “investment guru” and “Nostradamus real estate market.” Hundreds of thousands of grateful readers and followers use his approach to investing and consider him a stellar example of an honorable businessman. The publication includes both the author’s thoughts and practical instructions on attracting cryptocurrencies to the real estate market, the intricacies of crowdfunding and other secrets of the trade. In his new book, Mr. Zaslavsky presents a unique practical material, emphasizing his philosophy of investment.
The topic of “Real Estate Investing” is well compartmentalized and presented lightly and concisely, the author expresses himself aphoristically, at times even bitingly, while being extraordinarily informative and business-oriented. Mr. Zaslavsky stresses the structure, role, and mechanics of the blockchain technology in real estate investments, the ambiguous part of the government and sometimes predatory practices of international regulators, who too often stand in the way of progress and honest business.
The book is designed for a wide range of readers, but it will be especially useful to the real estate professionals (agents, brokers, etc.) as well as a large consumer audience

2. If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly by William Bernstein

If You Can was written by William Bernstein. This is the one book on my list I’ve not read, however I have read his classic The Four Pillars of Investing which I would highly recommend. That being said, I have perused the book and knowing his philosophy have no problem recommending it.
What puts this new book on my list of top investing books for beginners is that it’s geared specifically for beginners and younger investors. As I’ve glanced through the book, Bernstein promotes a simple approach to beginning to invest in the stock market.
Essentially, he focuses on being with the market as opposed to chasing gains. Bernstein boils it down to a discipline that should be followed in order to attain long-term wealth that will continue to build on itself.
If you noticed throughout my list of best investing books for beginners they all tend to focus on the same idea – a long-term view of investing. That includes cutting fees, keeping things simple and not chasing gains. Follow that approach and you’ll generally be happy you did. While investing in the stock market can be difficult, there is no need to make it more so.

3. The Best Real Estate Book for Beginners: Winning in the game of Real Estate Investments! by Neil Hoechlin

Before you even think of jumping in on an investment, You absolutely need to learn the information here, to avoid costly mistakes!
This book will explore the many different facets of the Real Estate game, and will teach you how they work, so you can make the best decisions.
Although specifically written for the beginner? It includes high level concepts to help you choose which particular routes in Real Estate you may want to take — while cementing a strong educational foundation for you.
You’re going to be needing the tools and knowledge presented here all thoughout your Real Estate career! From beginner to intermediate and Advance levels,you must understand the fundamentals taught in this book.

Avi Meir Zaslavsky, a philanthropist, digital entrepreneur, real estate investor, consultant and author of books on real estate

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